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Vanguard VK300D-HS-45.png

Vanguard VK300D-HS

The VK300D-HS 5’ x 10’ UV-LED flatbed revolutionizes the printing industry with print speed and quality. Featuring a high-speed electromagnetic drive system that propels the carriage at speeds up to 1.8m per second for an incredible 60 boards per hour and provides precise drop placement for remarkable print quality. The VK300D-HS comes equipped with industrial Kyocera KJ4A printheads that deliver print dots as small as 4 picoliters for vivid output 
on virtually any substrate up to 4” thick.

Canon Colorado.png

Canon Colorado M-5 

Our latest addition, the Colorado M-5 series, 64” roll-to-roll printer powered by the patented UVgel technology allows us to create unique applications with matte and glossy elements in the same print, without varnish. The M5 also provides printing color and white at the same time on either colored or transparent media.
HP 1500 Laytex printer

HP 1500 Laytex

Our latest edition, the HP 1500, builds off the quality and speed of the L65500 and takes it a step further. With a printable width of 126" and a dual roll feature, the HP 1500 takes size to the next level while bringing costs down.

Colex Sharpcut

Colex Sharpcut gives us the ability to quickly and effectively cut, route, and score a wide variety of substrates.

Multicam Apex1R.png
Multicam Apex 1R Router

The Multicam Apex 1R Router with 10 hp allows for routing on 1" aluminum. Each axis of this CNC Router features helical racks to provide smooth motion and tight control for precise and quality cutting on: Plastic, Foam, Non-ferrous metals, Composite Materials, Wood

Akzo Nobel Paint System
Akzo Nobel Paint System

The Akzo Nobel Digital Paint Matching System can match most every paint color on the market in any finish. This system, along with our in house 10'x20' paint booth gives us the ability to paint a large number of substrates with flawless results.

Additional Equipment

• Custom Sewing

• 63" Hot/Cold Laminator

• Flame Polishing

• 54" Summa Ploter for RTA Vinyl

• Paint Booth 

• Welding

• Metal Shear

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